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Do you love being at KCC events? Wish everyone you knew could experience the same encouragement and strengthening in their faith?

We’d love to have you on our list of key contacts!  It often takes just one person to organise, encourage and nudge friends, family or church to come to an event together – and the time spent together in fellowship and investing in your walk with God together, is priceless.

We’ll keep you updated with when registrations open for events so you don’t miss the best rates, and send you any promotional material you need to help rally round a group. 

From highschoolers to families, men and women – KCC has a ministry for everyone!

More on our events can be found here.

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I became a Christian in 2010 at KYCK. That year Jesus changed my life and I haven’t looked back since… Since becoming a Christian I’ve had my ups and my downs but knowing Jesus’ grace has always been of comfort to me.

— Holly, KYCK