Our Events

We’re excited to be bringing you a fantastic year of events here at KCC — back in-person and livestreamed online!

It’s never been more crucial as a family in Christ to connect, gather and encourage one another. Whether young or old, seasoned or searching, near or far, in-person or online — gather with us and be strengthened and encouraged to grow as part of this family, in Christ.

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2023 Event Calendar


2023 (all year)


For everyone

Know the Word.
Love God.
Share the Gospel.

Katoomba Easter Convention

​7–10 April 2023

In-person & online

For everyone

Go together.
​Grow together.


​14–16 April 2023
21–23 April 2023
28–30 April 2023
22–24 September 2023

In-person & online

For high schoolers

KYCK challenges and equips high schoolers to boldly live the Christian life.​

Onward Youth

23 June 2023

In-person & online

For high schoolers

Engage with culture.
Apply God's word.
Stand up in faith.


​5 August 2023 (Sydney)
11–12 August 2023 (Mountains)

In-person & online

For men

An annual event for men to renew their strength in Christ​.


15–18 August 2023

In-person & online

For anyone in Christian ministry

A conference retreat for anyone in Christian Ministry​


​26 August 2023

In-person & online

For women

A one-day event for all women to gather together under life-changing preaching and enjoy fantastic fellowship.​

Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellations and refund policies vary across KCC events. Please refer to the event website for specific policies on any cancellations of tickets and other bookings.