10 Resources to Refresh and Nourish Church Leaders This Christmas

Here are 10 hand-picked resources to refresh and nourish church leaders ahead of Christmas. The list includes music, podcast episodes, blog posts, free downloads and a book recommendation! 
1. Known and Loved by CityAlight 

A song to meditate on this Christmas! This comforting hymn by CityAlight will guide your soul to the truth that promises everlasting peace: 
I come to Jesus, lay down my weakness 
No need for hiding, here in His light 
This truth I treasure, my peace forever 
Is being known and loved by Him 
Is being known and loved by Him 
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2. ImBetween Podcast: Finding Hope in the Hard Seasons of Life 

In this episode of the ImBetween Podcast, Drake Farmer unpacks for us what hope is, where we should put our hope when we are going through a difficult season, and how to be full of love, fueled by faith, and addicted to hope. He says: “Our hope isn’t found in our circumstances or the release of painful situations. Our hope is the anchor. It is in the shepherd. Our hope is in Jesus.”  
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3. How to Ignite Your Spiritual Health – Interview with Paul Tripp 

​In this interview, Paul Tripp addresses the core reasons for the current ‘crisis’ among pastors while offering practical ways to move forward. He says: “The key to ministry fruitfulness is longevity because we all know, fruit doesn’t come overnight. The key to longevity is spiritual health. It’s only spiritually healthy pastors who are able to sustain the dark valleys and high mountains of being a pastor and the key to spiritual health is community…”  

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4. Jesus Is His Name by Emu Music 

An uplifting hymn by Emu Music, inspired by the book of Isaiah. The lyrics remind us that Jesus is the Prince of Peace, Hope of Nations, and the Light of the World who has shattered darkness to bring us hope, light and eternal life: 

The heavens declare, angels proclaim 
Shepherds cry out, the Christ has come to save 
He is our light, he is our hope 
He is our gift of life 
Jesus is his name, Jesus is his name 

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5. The Strains of the Season – Risen Motherhood Devotional 

This Advent devotional by Risen Motherhood, addresses the strain and questions that come with the holiday season. How much is too much to spend on Christmas presents? Does every Thanksgiving dish have to be made from scratch? What do we do about Santa Claus? Should we let our kids stay up late on New Year’s Eve? This devotional takes a closer look at what it means to pursue faithfulness in the midst of family frustrations, shopping, Santa, and sickness.  
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6. Social Anxiety and the God who held Mary 

In this blog post, Lara d’Entremont shares her struggle with social anxiety, and how she has drawn comfort from Jesus and his love for his mother, Mary. She writes: “Jesus didn’t look at Mary with heartless stoicism. He didn’t tell her to get over it because he is sovereign. Instead, he beheld his mother in her inevitable suffering and still sought to comfort her in her grief. All the while, he bore the sins of his people upon his beaten back.
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7. A Carol In The Minor Key  

In this blog post, Chris Thomas writes beautifully about Christmas carols and why we need to sing “in the minor key”. He writes:Christmas as a child was simple and straight forward, but with the passing years came complexity, blurred lines, and tears that mix in a strange melody with laughter. We need songs that speak of glorious victory, yet carry a tune of heartbreak that ripples beneath the surface...It’s good and proper to sing songs in the minor key too.”  
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8. Advent Calendar For Couples 

A free resource by the SOLA Network to encourage couples to reconnect and to have Christ-centered conversations ahead of Christmas.

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9. Is It Possible to Find Faith Again?  

In this talk from the 2021 Sage Christianity Conference, Zack Eswine addresses the topic of finding faith in age of doubt, losing faith and deconstruction.  
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10. Companions in the Darkness – Seven Saints Who Struggled with Depression and Doubt  

In Companions in the Darkness, Diana Gruver looks back into church history and finds depression in the lives of some of our most beloved saints, including Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King Jr. Without trying to diagnose these figures from a distance, Gruver tells their stories in fresh ways, taking from each a particular lesson that can encourage or guide those who suffer today. Drawing on her own experience with depression, Gruver offers a wealth of practical wisdom both for those in the darkness and those who care for them. 

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Oxygen 2023: A Retreat For Pastors and Church Leaders  

Oxygen Conference is officially returning for workers in Christian ministry. Hosted by Katoomba Christian Convention, Oxygen exists to refresh workers in their zeal for God and the work that He has called them to do.  

In 2023, Oxygen will return as a 4-day conference retreat in the beautiful Blue Mountains. A line-up of guest speakers including Paul Tripp and Zack Eswine will speak on the topic, “Reshaping Our Hearts for the Work We Do”.  

Delegates will be served with a quiet, focused space to hear God speak and to rest and reflect in nature. God’s word will be opened each morning and evening, and delegates will be equipped through practical sessions aimed at nurturing and cultivating a “God-shaped” heart.   

15-18 August 2023 

StayKCC conference centre in Katoomba, New South Wales  

For more information on tickets, speakers, program
, the group discount and married couples’ rate, please visit our website:  

Know a pastor or leader in need of encouragement? Gift them a ticket to Oxygen with a KCC gift card!  

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