1,500 Men ‘Called to be Sons’ at BASECAMP

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We praise God that over two weekends in August, 1,500 men from 318 churches gathered under God’s word at BASECAMP men’s conference. 
Men joined the event from across the state, with the largest groups coming from Dubbo Presbyterian Church, The Refuge Baptist Church (Oran Park), St Philips Anglican Church (Eastwood), Cheil English Ministry (Concord), and Springwood Baptist Church. The livestream option also allowed men from interstate to join the event, with 11 churches tuning in from Canberra, Tasmania and Queensland.  
Each year at BASECAMP, God’s word is preached around a theme that is relevant to men from all walks of life. This year’s theme was “Called to be Sons: Living Under God Our Father”. 
Keynote Speaker, Malcolm Gill (Associate Minister, St Andrews Cathedral Sydney) kicked off the event by opening the book of Romans to address two questions: 

1. What is the significance of being God’s sons?  
​2. What is the implication for the way we live now?  

By explaining the theology of adoption and Sonship, Mal helped delegates to better treasure their God-given identity, and to be empowered by the hope and purpose it brings: 

“Talks were great at challenging me and renewing my mind. Also, my son has just given up on the faith, yet he came because he enjoys hanging with me and has come every year since he was 12. He loved the talks and especially the psychologist.” 

​– Sean, BASECAMP 22 Delegate “It gave me more confidence to go through life. It reminded me how much I am loved as a son of the Father.”

– Ross, BASECAMP 22 Delegate “Great to be reminded of my sonship with God. So good to see men who had never been before benefit greatly from being reminded of gospel truths and spurred on to live for Jesus in their job, church and family life.” 

– Andrew, BASECAMP 22 Delegate “Great reminder of how valued, loved and secure we are with Jesus.” 

– Jeremy, BASECAMP 22 Delegate

Guest speaker, Jonathan Andrews (Clinical Psychologist, Heart in Mind) also spoke into the topic of Sonship through his talk “The Heart of a Son”. By combining Scripture and secular psychology, Jonathan addressed the problem of social isolation and loneliness amongst Australian men, and thus the necessity of staying “connected” to God, other brothers, and one’s God-given identity.  

Pastoral Counsellor, Jeremy Ward, also joined the platform to address the common struggle of busyness. Addressing our time-poor culture of hustle and hurry, Jeremy presented a 6-step framework to help delegates identify the heart issues that keep them stuck and distracted by busyness 

Did you miss out on BASECAMP 2022? Our Livestream video is available to watch on-demand until midnight, 12 September. Access it here.  

Join us for BASECAMP 2023!  

BASECAMP will return in 2023 on the weekends of the 5th (Sydney) and 11-12th (Mountains) of August.  Alasdair Groves, the Executive Director of CCEF will be joining us to speak on the theme “Unravelling Emotions”.  
Learn more on our website: basecampmen.com  
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