5 Reasons to Attend OneLove Women’s Conference 

Serving thousands of women each year, OneLove is committed to inspiring women in their walk with Jesus with powerful Bible teaching and fantastic fellowship. Here are 5 reasons to attend this August:  

  1. Prioritise your spiritual life with a distraction-free day in God’s word 

At OneLove women’s conference, we take time in God’s word seriously. We believe that women should be equipped with Bible teaching that is truthful, deep, relevant and life changing. We want to help women of all ages and life-stages to see how their faith intersects with their work, studies, church ministry, singleness, family life and more! Prioritise your spiritual life and join us for a distraction-free day in God’s word at OneLove.  

  1. Hear life-changing teaching from international OneLove speaker, Blair Linne 

At OneLove, we choose speakers who are gifted in teaching and preaching, having featured speakers such as Jackie Hill Perry, Nancy Guthrie and Kara Martin in the past. This August, OneLove will host Blair Linne, the author of Finding My Father: How The Gospel Heals The Pain of Fatherlessness. Linne is also an international Bible teacher, actress, spoken word artist, and the creator of the podcast GLO with The Gospel Coalition. Learn more about here

  1. Be inspired by testimonies of women who are persevering in their faith 

Each year, OneLove features inspiring testimonies of women sharing how they came to faith and how God has worked in their lives. Testimonies demonstrate how Christian theology applies to everyday life and is a way for us to see how God is at work in women of all ages, life-stages, ethnicities and cultures. Over the years we’ve heard how God has been at work through addiction, grief, workplace decisions, intergenerational trauma, mental health, identity and more.  

  1. Invite your unbelieving friends to hear the gospel in a welcoming environment 

At OneLove we are wary that not every woman in the room is a Christian, so we endeavour to create a space that is welcoming to seekers and non-believers. We are confident that if you bring an unbelieving friend to OneLove, they will hear the gospel of grace and be given opportunities to ask genuine questions in the Q&A. The program also includes meal breaks which gives you an opportunity to talk to your friend about what they have heard and learned. Hear how Jen became a Christian at OneLove here:  

Jen’s OneLove Testimony
  1. Strengthen fellowship and friendships amongst women in your church 

Are you trying to launch or strengthen women’s ministry within your church? Instead of planning your own event, why not include OneLove in your church calendar and let us do the planning for you? Everything from solid bible teaching, inspiring testimonies, uplifting worship in song, fellowship and mealtimes will be covered for you! Give your pastor’s wife and leaders a break from planning and enable them to also sit under God’s word and deepen friendships with other women from your church.  

Don’t miss out on the OneLove Early Bird!

OneLove women’s conference will return on Saturday 24th August at the Hillsong Convention Centre.   

Early Bird ends on Tuesday 30th April. Register today at: https://onelovewomen.com/register/

Discounted tickets are also available for full-time students, interstate and regional delegates. More information available from our website: https://onelovewomen.com/register/#prices   

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