A Hero Among Villains by Nathan Lee 

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In this this KYCK 2023 talk from Mark 3, Nathan Lee shares how the Pharisees became “villains” when they hardened their hearts towards God, turning His loving command of Sabbath rest into an exhausting “system” for God’s people. He invites youth to consider whether they may be living like the Pharisees and if their rule-keeping reflects a heart that truly loves their God and neighbour. Finally, he encourages youth to meet Jesus—the hero who forgives villains.  

A Hero Among Villains by Nathan Lee

Key Quotes: 

“The Pharisees are watching because it’s the Sabbath and they are looking for a reason to accuse Jesus, to get Him in trouble. By their standards, by their rules, by their system, healing this man would be classified as work. Jesus knows this, but he doesn’t back down.”

“The Pharisees had missed the whole point of the Sabbath. It was never meant to be about following the system. It was meant to be about rest.”  

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