Doesn’t Christianity crush diversity? Apologists Dave Jensen and Amy Orr-Ewing to answer at Onward Youth

Apologists Dave Jensen and Amy Orr-Ewing will be joining the Onward Youth platform to address the question: Doesn’t Christianity crush diversity? 

​Onward Youth
 is a one-night apologetics conference for high schoolers and people involved in youth ministry. This year, we’ll be tackling a massive question: Doesn’t Christianity crush diversity? 
Christianity is often seen as being judgmental and biased, welcoming some types of people and excluding others. As Christians, we’re inevitably going to cross paths with people whose lives look very different from our own or might not line up with how the Bible instructs us to live. How can we best relate to these people? How can we respond when their values or opinions oppose our faith? And how can young Christians feel prepared for these situations before they occur? 

This year, we are pleased to welcome Dave Jensen (Pastor, EV Church) and Amy-Orr Ewing (Author, ‘Where is God in All the Suffering?’) to share their wisdom and life experiences at Onward Youth

Meet Dave Jensen

Dave Jensen will speak in-person at Onward Youth this June. Dave works as a pastor at EV Church on the sunny Central Coast of NSW. Prior to working in ministry, he was in the Australian Army for the best part of a decade which is where someone told him the truth about Jesus and he became a Christian. Dave is married to Sammy, and they have 6 kids. He loves telling people about Jesus, Lebanese chicken and the Sydney Roosters. 

Learn more about Dave and get a taste of his teaching here:  

Rebel Turned Evangelist 

​In this article by Eternity News, Dave Jensen shares his testimony of how he came to faith. 
Sermon: God Is In The Thick Of It  
Where is God in the pain?  
Does he care, or has he turned his back?  
Dave Jensen turns to Romans 8:28-30 to tackle these tough questions.  
Panel: Positive Persuasive Evangelistic Campaigns – with Dave Jensen, Karl Faase and David Robertson 

What makes an effective evangelistic campaign? What messages will engage non-Christian audiences with the truth of the gospel? In this episode of ‘The Pastor’s Heart’, evangelists Dave Jensen, Karl Faase and David Roberston share their tips for reaching the lost and discuss positive evangelism, maximising mission opportunities, integrating online and offline campaigns, and ideas for a large-scale campaign.  

Meet Amy Orr-Ewing

Photo: Seele Magazine
Dr Amy Orr-Ewing will be speaking via video at Onward Youth this June. Amy is an international author, speaker and theologian who addresses the deep questions of our day with meaningful answers found in the Christian Faith. Amy is a regular speaker across university campuses, businesses, parliaments, churches and conferences as well as on TV and radio. She is the author of multiple books including ‘Where is God in All the Suffering?’ and bestselling, ‘Why Trust the Bible?’ 

Get a taste of Amy’s teaching here: 

Article: Where is God in the Pain of Systemic Injustice?

Amy shares how the gospel speaks into systemic injustice and gives hope to the cycle of suffering. 
Video Talk: Is Christianity Bad News for Women?

Amy delivers the 2017 Richard Johnson Lecture at NSW Parliament House on the topic of whether Christianity is ‘bad news for women. 
Video Talk: Is the Pursuit of Happiness Making us Sad?

In this talk, Amy dissects our culture’s pursuit of happiness and its effect on our psyche. 

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