Don’t Miss Your Calling: 5 Days Left to Save $15 on Your Basecamp Ticket

Register for BASECAMP before 31 July and save $15 per ticket. 
BASECAMP men’s conference is fast approaching, and standard rates will end at midnight, Sunday 31 July. Hosted by Katoomba Christian Convention, BASECAMP is an annual event for men who want to know God better. Since 1997, men of all generations and from across denominations have gathered at BASECAMP to hear God speak and renew their strength in Him.  

For many men, BASECAMP reminds them that they are not alone in their faith, and to persevere, even if doing so goes against the grain of culture.  

“Sitting in a room with all these men with the same purpose encourages me to take my godliness more seriously. Consider how often men come together to talk about important spiritual topics. And yet it’s something so important for Christians to do. I think KCC has really addressed this issue by organising BASECAMP.”

– Ivan, BASECAMP Delegate  

“Often as guys we don’t open up about the struggles we face in life. At BASECAMP we have guys on stage talking to us, who are being real about it. We are a community of believers, and we need each other.”

​- Spiro, BASECAMP Delegate

​Each year at BASECAMP, God’s word is preached around a theme that is relevant to men from all walks of life. This year, guest speakers Malcolm Gill (Associate Minister, St Andrews Cathedral Sydney) and Jonathan Andrews (Clinical Psychologist, Heart in Mind) will speak on the topic “Called to be Sons: Living Under God Our Father, inviting men to consider their calling to Sonship and what it truly mans to be a man who is confident in his God-given identity and purpose.  Learn more from the promo video below: 
​BASECAMP will be run across two weekends in August in three different formats. Choose the one that best suits your group:  BASECAMP City – 6 August 2022 at the UNSW Roundhouse, Kensington  
 BASECAMP Mountains – 12-13 August 2022 at StayKCC, Katoomba. Limited catered on-site accommodation is still available!  
 BASECAMP Livestream – Join us online from the convenience of your church hall, living room or home!  Don’t miss out on your calling! Register your group today and save $15 per ticket!  
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