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Formed in 1903, Katoomba Christian Convention (KCC) has been bringing Christians together under God’s word for over 120 years. Our passion is to see our nation transformed by Jesus Christ through the powerful preaching of the Bible.  

KCC serves the church by hosting events and conventions that: 

  • Gather Christians from across generations and denominations; 
  • Call Christians to personal holiness through Biblical, Christ-exalting preaching; and 
  • Transform Christians into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

“I found all of the talks quite helpful & was buzzing when I came home. Members of my family were convicted over not reading the Bible & are now trying to implement quiet times with the Lord.”

Katoomba Easter Convention, 2024 Attendee

“It made me recommit my life to God. Being around my brothers and sisters in Christ is so uplifting it shows that no matter how alone in my faith I feel I am not, and there are so many people that share my beliefs.”

KYCK Youth Conference, 2024 Attendee

While thousands of delegates benefit from KCC preaching events each year, there are many Christians who are hungry for God’s word but unable to access it in the day-to-day. We think of the overseas missionaries missing their home church, Christians in rural areas, the persecuted, new parents craving quiet times, teenagers with unbelieving parents, families with health issues, financial strain or disability—all members of the body Christ who could be blessed by digital access.  

KCC One is KCC’s mobile app, custom-built and developed to allow the ministry of KCC to be accessible anywhere, at any time. No matter where you are, you can use the app to access 3,000 sermons and resources in video, audio and text formats.  

This June, we are asking for your help to build a life-changing library. We need your help to keep the work going, and to make the app experience the best it can be, so it can continue serving, encouraging and strengthening all who use it. 

What does your gift help build? 

  • Brand-new content to grow a library you can trust: Your gift will build capacity for KCC to create brand-new content for the library that you can trust, and to continue making our archive of event talks available on the app – both in our wonderful free library, as well as through our low-cost subscription option (KCC+). 
  • Brand-new features: We’ve got some wonderful new features in mind, inspired by your feedback, that we’d love to bring to life with a bit more financial backing.  
  • Cover important back-end costs: Your gift will also help to cover those not-so-exciting backend costs like media hosting for all our content, keeping up with Apple and Google requirements for development, and having the right team to consistently produce the resources you can count on to enrich, challenge and encourage you in your everyday walk with God. 

As the end of the tax year approaches, we would love if you could consider a tax-deductible gift, one-off or monthly, to the KCC App Library Fund. 

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