International Evangelists John Lennox and Glen Scrivener to Speak at Oxygen 2023 

We are pleased to announce that international evangelists, John Lennox and Glen Scrivener, will be speaking at Oxygen conference as special guests.  

Returning this August, Oxygen exists to serve anyone in Christian ministry—to refresh them in their zeal for God and the work that He has called them to do. This year, Oxygen will return as a 4-day conference retreat in the beautiful Blue Mountains.  

Through bible talks, practical workshops and rich fellowship in a quiet and focused space, delegates will be invited to check their hearts and spiritual health for ministry.  

Meet Oxygen Special Guest: John Lennox 

John Lennox is the Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, Emeritus Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science, Pastoral Advisor at Green Templeton College, and former Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School. 

He has written extensively on the interface between science, philosophy and theology, with recent titles including ‘Can Science Explain Everything?’,Where is God in a Coronavirus World?’ and ‘Cosmic Chemistry: Do God and Science Mix?’. John has also engaged in high-profile public debates with Richard Dawkins, Peter Singer and the late Christopher Hitchens.  

John Lennox will be joining us virtually, live from the UK for one of our evening segments titled ‘The Non-Negotiables of Christian Ministry’.  

Get a taste of his teaching here:  

John Lennox: Suffering & the God Question 

If we believe in a loving God, how can we explain the existence of suffering and evil in the world? Is there enough evidence to trust in God despite the problems we see in the world around us? 
In this Oxygen 14 talk, John Lennox explores both the practical and theoretical aspects of this question and suggests ways in which the subject can be approached with the events of Jesus on the cross in mind. This talk was part of the ‘Apologetics and Evangelism’ stream at Oxygen 2014. 

John Lennox – Who Created The Creator 

In this video, John Lennox addresses Richard Dawkin’s question: Who created the Creator?  

Meet Oxygen Special Guest: Glenn Scrivener 

Glen Scrivener is passionate about people meeting Christ and equipping Christians to share their faith. He’s often found speaking at Churches and Universities, in the studio producing online media or in his office, writing books and other evangelistic material. Glen is married to Emma, and they have a daughter, Ruby and son, JJ. 

Glen will be presenting a pre-recorded short talk, reflecting on the current cultural dynamics that are at play in the world and how they can impact our hearts and shape the ministry and work we do. 

Get a taste of his teaching here: 

Glen Scrivener Introduces The Air We Breathe 

In this video, Glen Scrivener introduces his book “The Air We Breathe” and shares how our values such as equality, compassion and consent are “supernatural” for they have come uniquely and specifically from Jesus. To learn more, you can also read his article “Everyone You Know Is a Believer”.  

YouTube video

Easter Uprising – The Weekend That Made Our World  

In this short documentary, Glen Scrivener travels from London to Rome in search of a true appreciation for the cross and how the crucifixion has been understood over time. He argues that way we see the cross has been transformed, because the ‘Easter Uprising’ has transformed the way we see the world. Trigger warning: Historical violence described. 

YouTube video

Fuel your love for God in ministry at Oxygen! 

This August, we invite you to slow down and to invest in the crux of what drives you in ministry: your love for Christ. Be revitalised by God’s Word and invigorated for the gospel work He has called you to do.  

Paul Tripp and Zack Eswine will be teaching from the Bible, thoughtfully and prayerfully prepared just for you in ministry, joined by special guests Prof John LennoxGlen Scrivener, Miroslav VolfSarah Irving-StonebreakerKirk PatstonAnna PowellMal Gill, and Jonathan Dykes

Along with our fantastic line-up of workshop speakers, every part of the program has been carefully planned to expand perspective, offer guidance, and real, relevant experience to help enrich and strengthen you and your ministry. 

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to be with like-minded people in ministry in all its forms, and to sit under teaching, encouragement and fellowship that is tailored just for you! 
Standard rate tickets for Oxygen 2023 are available until midnight on Tuesday 18th July. Book your tickets today.  


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