KYCK Youth Conference to Inspire Joy for All of Life

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We praise God that close to 5,000 high-schoolers and youth leaders are set to gather at KYCK youth conference next month. Guest speakers Alan Au, Mike Dicker and Daniel Leach will open the book of Philippians to explore how Christians can continue to find JOY in all seasons of life—even in suffering!  
Over 3 weekends in April and 1 weekend in September, high schoolers and youth groups will be gathering under God’s word at KYCK youth conference. Hosted by Katoomba Christian Convention, KYCK will feature guest speakers Alan Au (Lead Pastor, Captivate Presbyterian Church), Mike Dicker (Principal, Youthworks College) and Daniel Leach (Youth Pastor, Narrabeen Baptist) who will open the book of Philippians and unpack the theme of JOY.

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KYCK 22 Speakers
​The book of Philippians is ultimately about JOY, but this can look different in various seasons and situations. Is joy only possible when life is happy? How can we be joyful when following Jesus is tough, or when standing up for Him leads to suffering?  

At KYCK, youth will be invited to consider these questions as they investigate the life of the Apostle Paul—a man who suffered much, was persecuted and imprisoned for his faith in Jesus, and yet he considered it “pure joy” because he knew he was being who God had called him to be.  

This year, delegates have the option of gathering either in-person at StayKCC in Katoomba (all weekends), or at the location of their choice through the KYCK Online livestream (22-24 April only).  

The KYCK program will feature 6 life-changing Bible talks, inspiring testimonies and worship music by Christian bands Gather, Whitefield and Aslandia. On-site delegates have additional access to optional activities including the KYCK On soccer competition on Saturday afternoon, and the KYCK BBQ on Saturday evening.

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Registrations are now open for all weekends and tickets are $84 for KYCK #1 and #2 and $79 for #3 and #4.  
If you can’t make it to Katoomba, you can join us on the KYCK Online livestream on the KYCK #2 weekend. KYCK Online tickets are $71 and include an Experience Pack with a booklet, pen, wristband and KYCK 22 tee! If you’re joining us online, please register by midnight Sunday 3 April to ensure that you get your Experience Packs on time. 

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