Matt Sparks to speak at Easter Convention 2024 

We are pleased to announce that Matt Sparks will be joining Katoomba Easter Convention (KEC) as a main speaker. Along with Tim Blencowe and John North, Matt will unpack the theme ‘Conquering Worldliness: Resisting the Gravitational Pull of the World’, helping delegates to navigate the ‘wisdom’ of the world and to win the battle against worldliness.   

Meet KEC24 Speaker: Matt Sparks

Matt is married to Tash, and they have three kids, living in Sydney’s eclectic Inner-west. In 2014, they took a leap of faith and planted Anchor Church in their small two-bedroom apartment with a team of 17 people praying for a powerful move of God. Today, Anchor is a growing movement of churches committed to planting vibrant, missional churches that form people into the image of Christ. He is passionate about the local church, the glory of God, and the Parramatta Eels!  

Matt will be giving three talks in the evening at KEC. Get a taste of his teaching here:  

  1. Movies that Shape Culture 
YouTube video

In this talk, Matt explores themes from our favourite blockbuster movies, and shows us how the messages of our culture as depicted in film, intersects with the gospel. By unpacking the popular theme of being “true to yourself”, Matt explains that movies reveal the values, dreams, hopes and wishes of our culture, and encourages Christians to watch with discernment and the gospel in mind. 

  1. Selah: Psalm 42 
YouTube video

What do we do when we feel spiritually dry and drowning under life waves? In this sermon, Matt shares how Psalm 42 is an honest and determined cry to experience more of God—even when our faith is failing.  

  1. Deconstructing God: How can the Christian sex ethic be ‘good’? 
YouTube video

In the ‘Deconstructing God’ series, Matt Sparks addresses some of the doubts of the Christian faith, and to provide good answers to questions that shake our faith. In a world which tells us that to deny your desires is damaging, or even dangerous, how can Christian sex ethic possibly be good news for those with same-sex attraction? In this talk, Matt addresses this important question and provides wisdom and comfort to Christians who are doubting the goodness of biblical sex ethics.  

Experience KEC this Easter! 

Katoomba Easter Convention offers you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family in the Blue Mountains, to get away from life’s busyness and hear powerful, life-changing preaching every day.   

Join us as our speakers John North, Tim Blencowe and Matt Sparks unpack the theme ‘Conquering Worldliness: Resisting the Gravitational Pull of the World.’   

Enjoy praise and worship with over a thousand Christians each morning and evening. Hear personal testimonies that remind you of God’s sovereignty in our everyday lives.  

Meet new people and form lasting friendships for years to come.   

Experience a strengthening of your faith.  

Experience encouragement for every member of the family.  

Experience God’s beauty as you rest in the Blue Mountains.   

Experience KEC.  

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