Meet Katoomba Easter Convention Speaker: Dan Paterson

We are thrilled to announce that the Founder of Questioning Christianity, Dan Paterson, will speak at Katoomba Easter Convention 2023.  

​Why do you believe the Bible?
Trusting that the Bible is God’s good word to us can seem harder today than in the past. To our culture today, the idea that the Bible could be true, trustworthy, and inspired by God seems unbelievable. 

Katoomba Easter Convention is returning on the 7-10 April 2023 and will centre around the theme “Rock Solid: Trusting God’s Word in a World of Confusion”.  We are thrilled to announce that Dan Paterson will be joining the KEC platform to address this topic over three sessions.  

Dan is the founder of Questioning Christianity, a ministry helping you connect the Christian story to life’s deepest questions. He has experience as a pastor, lecturer, and public speaker, having studied Theology and Apologetics in Australia and at Oxford. Dan currently lives in Brisbane with his wife, Erin, and their favourite job is raising three wonderful boys.  

Get a taste of Dan’s teaching here:  

Can I trust the Bible?  

Contradictions, propaganda, historically inaccurate; the criticisms of the Bible are vast. Can we really trust a book that’s been translated so many times, and used to support slavery and Holy War? 📖 While this is only an introduction to such a broad question, it’s a great starting point for anyone beginning to investigate the trustworthiness of the Bible.  ​

Has the Bible been corrupted? 

From the inception of the Church to now, the books that came to make up the New Testament have been copied and translated thousands of times. So how does the Bible stand up under textual scrutiny?
Has Science Disproved Christianity? 

The common belief in culture is that science and faith are at war. As scientists continue to reveal how our universe works, are they pulling the rug out from under God’s feet? Is it a matter of time before we no longer need God or religion? We think that far from being in competition, science and faith are complementary. While science is helpful in describing the natural world, humanity has more tools in its belt to understand the world around us. 

Join us for Katoomba Easter Convention 23!   

Katoomba Easter Convention is returning on the 7-10 April 2023 and will centre around the theme “Rock Solid: Trusting God’s Word in a World of Confusion”. We’re ready to serve you with a family-friendly program that will empower you to have confidence in the Bible’s authority, while refreshing your desire to hear, understand and live by God’s word in a world of confusion.  
Whether you join us in the beautiful mountain air of Katoomba, or from your living room or holiday home elsewhere, our absolute priority is to provide a program that will continue to be a time of significant spiritual impact for you.  
For more information on ticket types, pricing, family packages and children’s programs visit our website: 
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