On the Value of Child-Like Faith in Ministry by Zack Eswine

In this talk “Recovering Our Ambition” from Oxygen 2023, Zack Eswine encourages ministry leaders to consider the value of growing a “child-like faith” in ministry. Opening Psalm 131, Zack helps delegates to see that although the world celebrates leaders who are ambitious and powerful, the Bible esteems kings and leaders who are humble and dependent before God.  

Video: Recovering Our Ambition by Zack Eswine

Key Quotes: 

“Child-like faith is advanced Christianity.”

“In each area of our life, the great provision of God is that we grow to become like a weaned child.”  

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  • 4 talks by Zack Eswine – “Recovering Our Humanity in Ministry”, “Recovering Our Wisdom for Ministry”, “Recovering His Love”, “Recovering Our Ambition”  
  • “The Non-Negotiables of Christian Ministry” short talks by John Lennox and Miroslav Volf   
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