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NextGen Online now offers an easy, accessible training resource through a member’s only portal.  
​For over 30 years, NextGen leaders training conference has played an integral role in developing leaders in youth and children’s ministry. As of this year, the world-class training model has been relaunched as NextGen Online, with all NextGen’s strand booklets and video workshops now available through a brand-new membership portal. 

NextGen Online will give you complete access to all four of our core short training courses (previously named “strands”) and 11 practical video workshops for effective Christian ministry. 

The four NextGen courses are:  

Rising Leaders: Leadership Development for Youth (specifically Year 11-12 students) Strand 1: How to Interpret Bible Passages Strand 2: Seeing the Big Picture of the Bible Strand 3: Understanding Issues Biblically 
By training with NextGen Online, delegates will be equipped, encouraged and enabled to:  Have confidence in approaching the Bible Know what to look for when reading the Bible in groups or individually Explain passages biblically to anyone – your Sunday School class, youth group, home group, family or friends 
If renewing your love for God’s word is something you would like to embrace this year, start planning your ministry training with NextGen Online:  

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