Three Keynote Speakers to Share About Joy at KYCK 2022

Katoomba Christian Convention (KCC) is pleased to welcome and introduce the three keynote speakers confirmed at KYCK 2022! Get to know them here. 
At KYCK 2022, our three speakers will be sharing from the Book of Philippians to teach youth groups about the theme ‘Joy’. Youth will be encouraged by the life of Paul, who although suffered much, was persecuted, and imprisoned for telling people about Jesus, he considered it pure joy because he knew he was being who God called him to be. 

Want to know more? Check out the KYCK website for further details.  

Meet Alan Au 

Alan has been leading Captivate Presbyterian Church in North Ryde for the last 5 years. He’s married to Beatrice and they have three kids, JJ, Teddy and Harry. 

Some little things that bring him joy are: deep frying, Brazilian jiu jitsu and pointlessly reorganising his desk. Bigger moments of overwhelming joy have been: marrying his crush from youth group, becoming a foster dad, and leading people to Jesus.

God used Philippians to transform Alan’s life as a young man and he’s praying with great anticipation for how God will work at KYCK in 2022.

You can get a taste of Alan’s teaching here: 1. Disruption – Am I in Control? 

YouTube video
Meet Mike Dicker 

Mike Dicker is a tradie who became the children’s and youth minister at All Saints Petersham in Sydney’s Inner West for 14 years. He’s currently Principal of Youthworks College in Sydney.  

Mike loves Jesus, his wife Fi, and his 3 kids: Evie, Josie and Benji. He has a soft spot for graffiti, motor bikes, hardware, Pearl Jam, custom T-shirts, and AFL. He makes a habit of building stuff, telling stories, drinking coffee, doodling, going to concerts, watching movies, and he loves talking with others about life and hope in Jesus through his abounding grace and forgiveness.

Watch and listen to this Christian Youth Forum where Mike joins Ruth Lukabyo to discuss the challenges in a secular Australia: Christian Youth Forum: Challenges in a Secular Australia 

YouTube video
Meet Daniel Leach 

Daniel is the youth pastor at Narrabeen Baptist Church where he has worked for the past 8 years. Prior to this, his work experience included high school teaching and flipping burgers at Maccas, but he soon realised his passion was sharing the good news of Jesus with young people. 

Daniel is married to Mia, his lovely and patient wife, and they have a bubbly one year old daughter, Audrey. They live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

For enjoyment Daniel sifts through denim at as many op-shops as he can. Other hobbies include running, the beach, learning French (oui oui), and scabbing free coffee from his brothers’ cafe.

Get a taste of Daniel’s teaching in this short devotional for youth (especially for year 12’s) on Hebrews 1: Year 12 Study Break Devotionals: Hebrews 1 

YouTube video

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