True and Good. Can Christianity Be Both?

If following Jesus is true and good, then why does it sometimes feel so uncomfortable? Onward Youth returns this June to address this commonly asked question.  

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True AND Good – Can Christianity be both?    

Christianity claims to be true and good.   

But sometimes, following Jesus leads us down narrow paths that doesn’t always feel very good.  

If following Jesus is such a ‘good’ thing, then why does life sometimes feel uncomfortable, lonely, hard and limiting?  

And if I struggle with all these things, how can I trust that the way of Jesus is not only true, but also for my good?  

In a world that’s increasingly hostile towards Christianity, how can I live a life that displays the goodness of Jesus? 

Onward Youth is returning Friday 23 June to address these commonly asked questions. Held at The Concourse (Chatswood), guest speakers Dave Jensen and Alan Au will address the tension of truth and goodness, and whether Christianity can truly be both.  

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Registrations open this Friday 31 March! 

Onward Youth is a one-night event that helps high schoolers make sense of the culture and world around them with a gospel lens and equips them to stand firm for their faith.  

In 2023, Onward Youth will:  

  • Engage teens with the goodness of following Jesus.  
  • Equip teens to know that following Jesus is good; and 
  • Empower teens to show their friends that Christianity is both true and good. 

Registrations will open this Friday 31 March. For more information, visit our website:  

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