4,600+ Youth Inspired and Transformed at KYCK 22

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Over three weekends, more than 4,600 teenagers and youth leaders attended KYCK conference to be inspired and transformed by the book of Philippians. We praise God that 464 teenagers recommitted their lives to Christ; 62 teenagers put their faith in Jesus for the first time, and another 63 left the conference wanting to know more! 
Over three weekends, more than 4,600 teenagers and youth leaders attended KYCK conference. Founded in 1993, KYCK is a Bible preaching conference for high-schoolers and runs during the school holidays to inspire the next generation of believers to live for Jesus alone.  

For many, KYCK is a familiar and cherished space that enables them to deepen their faith in God in the company of other like-minded teenagers. For many of our delegates, attending an in-person conference is a “taste of heaven,” as it stands as a reminder that they are not alone in their faith and saved into a bigger spiritual family. This is especially so for teenagers from smaller youth groups or churches in rural areas.  

“I am absolutely in love with KYCK! It has helped me build my faith and love for Jesus so much over the years! KYCK makes me so excited for heaven and being able to worship Jesus forever with our huge family!” “Coming to KYCK has transformed my faith, knowing that there is so much more than just a few Christians at my school and youth.” “I’ve been coming to KYCK since I was in year 7 and next year is my last year! I have loved the way that KYCK has strengthened my faith and given me a deeper love and longing for Christ!”  

Still for others, it is an invitation to explore the claims of Jesus and to even put their faith in him for the first time! At KYCK each year, we see lives transformed by the Spirit as the Word is preached. In 2022, we praise God that 464 teenagers recommitted their lives to Christ; 62 teenagers put their faith in Jesus for the first time, and another 63 left the conference wanting to know more! 

“On Saturday night, seeing young people trust in Jesus for the first time brings me tears of joy. Seeing one of our guys (who almost didn’t come) trust in Jesus for the first time was incredible. So much to thank God for.” 

This year, guest speakers Alan Au (Lead Pastor, Captivate Presbyterian), Mike Dicker (Principal, Youthworks College) and Daniel Leach (Youth Pastor, Narrabeen Baptist) opened the book of Philippians to teach on the theme of joy. By investigating the life of the Apostle Paul who was imprisoned and persecuted for his faith in Jesus, youth were invited to consider how they too can have “pure joy” in the face of suffering and challenges. The theme was further explored through youth testimonies, worship in song, Q&A, and a memory verse to help teenagers remember what they have learned long after KYCK is over.  

“Three great speakers, the best memory verse, the book of Philippians, joy filled friendly vibe. The best Q&A session I have ever witnessed. Powerful worship.” “It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, it was such a special weekend to connect with others through song, games, the talks, and Saturday night.️” “KYCK is AMAZING, I’d be crazy not to come back. I love the talks, music, friends, meeting other youth and the whole atmosphere as a whole. I’d honestly come back after high school too if I could!” 

Hosted as a hybrid event, our delegates could choose between an in-person conference experience at StayKCC in the Blue Mountains, or KYCK Online; a high-quality livestream which gave delegates a ‘front row’ seat from the comfort of living rooms and church halls.  
Delegates who joined KYCK at StayKCC could take part in optional fellowship activities including a scavenger hunt and the Saturday night BBQ which raised $5,000 for Scripture teachers.  

While KYCK is designed for high schoolers, it also exists to serve youth leaders who get a break from running youth groups that week. In addition, they can use the weekend to spend extended quality time with their teenagers through intentional bonding, learning, sharing, and praying together.  

“Thanks guys, we love KYCK so much. We don’t do a youth camp so the weekend away is really pivotal for our teenagers and the group. Super thankful for what you guys do to make KYCK happen each year!” – KYCK 22 Youth Leader

Do you have a story of how God worked in you or your youth at KYCK 22? Let us know using the feedback form for KYCK in-person or KYCK online, or by emailing kyck@kcc.org.au. We would love to hear from you!  

5 Ways to Relive KYCK! 

Do you have the post KYCK blues? Here are 5 ways to relive the experience! 
Follow the KYCK 22 Spotify playlist and make it your playlist of choice! 

Add the KYCK hoodie and t-shirt to your weekend wardrobe! Purchase KYCK merch here.   
Download the KCC One mobile app to re-listen to talks from the KYCK archives! The talks from 2021 will be uploaded this June.  

Dive deeper into Philippians and the theme of joy with one of our recommended books. 
Tell all your friends why you loved KYCK and encourage them to register for KYCK #4 (early bird ending 30 June 22) or to join you at KYCK 23 

Save the date for KYCK 23!  

We look forward to having you join us at KYCK 23 as we meet Jesus in the book of Mark. Mark these dates into your calendar and stay tuned for more details! 
KYCK #1 14–16 April 
KYCK #2 21–23 April 
KYCK #3 28–30 April 
KYCK #4 22–24 September 
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