Over 2,000 Empowered to Live with True Grit at Katoomba Easter Convention

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We praise God that over the Easter long weekend, over 2,000 adults, youth and children gathered at Katoomba Easter Convention to be empowered in their faith and to live with “True Grit”.  
We praise God that over the Easter long weekend, the KCC Convention Centre came alive with the sound of worship music, preaching, conversation and laughter, as delegates across the state gathered at Katoomba Easter Convention (KEC). Hosted by Katoomba Christian Convention, KEC has become an annual tradition for many families seeking to find solace in God’s word in the beautiful Blue Mountains.  
This year, over 1,450 adults gathered to hear from international speakers Matt Fuller and Russell Moore, and local speakers Malcolm Gill, Sam Chan and Jonathan Dykes. By exploring the theme of “True Grit” in the Scriptures, delegates were encouraged to see how the gospel empowers courage and faith, not just over the Easter season, but all the days of our lives. 

I have been encouraged to risk it all for Jesus. – Stella ​ A fantastic weekend of Bible teaching challenging me to be prayerful as a I make life decisions, to trust God in the darkness, to get out of “survival mode”, and be active in sharing my faith.Simon ​ After losing both my parents within 4 months of each other and still feeling fragile, I felt safe, supported and so encouraged and uplifted, reminded that ‘God is for us’. KEC attendee  ​

While adults joined the main session, over 560 children and youth were served by one of eight children’s programs, ranging from Tiny Tots (up to 12 months) to Senior High (Years 10-12). Powered by over 150 cheerful volunteers, our age-specific programs allow parents to worship and fellowship without the distraction of little ones.  

It was so lovely to have the KEC community pour into our foster child’s life as well as ours. It was a huge blessing. – Juliette   I serve all year round in ministry. It’s nice to attend something my whole family can be refreshed in. – KEC 22 Attendee  Our children absolutely love the programs – junior and senior high. Their leaders were so engaged with our girls. One daughter had a letter written to her from her leaders encouraging her to keep walking strong in her faith. – KEC 22 Attendee 

This year, our Senior students were taught by Youth Pastor, Ed Sowden; junior students served by School Chaplain, Mitch Brown; and our Primary students learned the Good News through music, drama and puppetry by Quizworx.   

​While we live in a world of fear and insecurity, we hope that KEC gave delegates the opportunity to reflect on God’s call for His people to live with True Grit, and how the death and resurrection of Jesus empowers us to heed the call with confidence. It is our prayer that the church will continue to respond to fear with faith, and that we can keep our eyes fixed on the One who empowers courage today, tomorrow, and in all our days to come.  

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3. Reflect and share your stories and feedback using the KEC Feedback Form 

4. Dive deeper into the theme of “True Grit” by picking up one of the KEC Recommended Reads  

​5. Save the date for KEC 2023 (Friday 7 – Sunday 9 April)  

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