5 Notable Quotes from Jackie Hill Perry on Trusting God in Suffering 

At OneLove women’s conference, Jackie Hill Perry shared a talk “The Suffering Servant & The Seeing God” from Genesis 16:1-15.  

Praised as “phenomenal” and “a goldmine of gospel content”, Perry shared a familiar story of Abram, Sarai and Hagar to demonstrate that in all circumstances—waiting, suffering and otherwise—all God requires is our trust. 

Jackie Hill Perry preaches at OneLove 23

Here are 5 notable quotes from her talk:  

  1. “Misplaced hope will get you into all kinds of mess. She [Sarai] clearly knows God’s name, but the confession of it does not trigger faith…Time and waiting on God will lead us to formulate all kinds of strategies and idols instead of trust.”  
  1. “We can sing the songs, and do the devotionals, and go to the conferences, and read the Scriptures, know all the things, and know God’s name, and still doubt His nature.” 
  1. “What if you remembered that God doesn’t need old strategies to give you new power? What if Sarai remembered that God didn’t need her power to bring about His promise? All He requires of us, is trust.” 
  1. “Suffering in God’s hands is always redemptive. Your suffering does not have the power to keep you from God, as long as Jesus has rose from the dead.”   
  1. “God ‘seeing’ you doesn’t mean that your circumstances will be easy. God ‘hearing’ you doesn’t mean that your tribulation won’t hurt. What it means is that the hard things won’t keep you from God unless you let them. He is a very present help in times of trouble.” 

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“Jackie demonstrated a wonderful model of turning to scripture for answers to our deepest questions and is a beautiful example to other women of what it looks like to take theology seriously and handle the bible joyfully, skilfully and carefully.”   

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