6 Observations from Jackie Hill Perry About Women’s Ministry 

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At OneLove women’s conference, Jackie Hill Perry shared a talk “Ministry to Women at Wells” from John 4:1-42, to teach and empower women onto the mission field, for according to Perry, “if God has saved us, He’s also sent us”. Opening the familiar story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well, Perry highlighted the ways in which Jesus ministered with authenticity, humility, cultural sensitivity and curiosity. In doing so, Jesus was able to highlight the spiritual condition of her heart and reveal the God who can quench her spiritual “thirst”.   

Jackie Hill Perry preaches at OneLove 23

Here are 6 notable quotes from her talk:  

  1. “Most of us would like to be saved, but not also sent. But what a privilege it is to suffer with Christ out of commitment to His gospel.” 
  1. “In your ministry to anybody, you need to embrace the fact that you are a human being, that you cannot be God, and that your weaknesses as a human being are not hindrances to God’s glory, only if you understand them as opportunities to experience God’s power.” 
  1. “We all have to fight a God complex that tempts you to believe that you need to be more than who you are to be useful in God’s kingdom.”  
  1. “You can only discover the context of their family, beliefs, needs, framework, and worldviews by being discerning, and by being curious. A lack of curiosity can really hinder your ability to reach people where they are at. Because without curiosity, without taking the time to get to know people…all you have are your judgements and assumptions—where you end up preaching to a need that doesn’t exist.”  
  1. “Self-righteousness will make you a spiritual bully, where when people are around you, they are more aware of their sin and their failure, and the places where they fall short, instead of God’s grace and Christ Jesus. It is the Spirit that gives us balance—where we preach the truth but in love, where we are accurate but gentle, where we are kind but direct.” 
  1. “If we just tell people to stop doing what they do, but not also cultivate a love for God’s word, not also train them how to fast, not train them how to pray, not also stir up faith and obedience in Jesus, they will just lay down one idol and replace it with another because you never trained them how to seek Him.”  

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“Jackie demonstrated a wonderful model of turning to scripture for answers to our deepest questions and is a beautiful example to other women of what it looks like to take theology seriously and handle the bible joyfully, skilfully and carefully.”    

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