5 Ways to Re-experience Katoomba Easter Convention 

You may have left Katoomba Easter Convention (KEC) on a spiritual high but found yourself quickly buried by the demands and pressures of life back at home. Here are 5 ways to re-experience KEC and to ‘stand firm’ for Jesus!

1. Hear all your favourite KEC talks with KCC+ 

Were the KEC talks and testimonials the highlight of your weekend? Hear them all again with KCC+, a brand-new subscription service giving KCC One users faster and exclusive access to all the latest KCC event talks. Sign up today to get instant access to 13 uploads from KEC 22, and all talks from KEC 23 including: 

  • Ed Stetzer’s “God Has Spoken” expository talks from the Psalms 
  • Dan Paterson’s “Living Out the Truth in a World of Confusion” expository talks from the Gospels 
  • Sam Chan’s “The Plausibility of Believing” short talks from the book of John and Luke 
  • Sarah Irving-Stonebraker’s personal testimony “How Oxford and Peter Singer led an Atheist Historian to Jesus”.   

Learn more or sign up to KCC+ today!  

2. Tune your heart to ‘stand firm’ with the KEC Spotify Playlist 

Many of us left KEC feeling encouraged and emboldened by God’s word, with hearts softened and committed to walking in the Truth. We want you to continue walking this way—not just at KEC—but all year round! What better way than to keep God’s praises on your lips than to sing of him each day with these handpicked worship songs from the official KEC Spotify playlist:  

3. Spot yourself in the KEC Highlight Reel

Over 2,300 of God’s people gathered at KEC this year, and there were plenty of highlights and things to be grateful for! We’ve tried to stitch it all together in a highlight reel—see if you can spot yourselves!  

4. Be encouraged to ‘stand firm’ with one of the KEC recommended reads 

We’ve picked out a few books that will help you to apply God’s word into everyday life. With topics such as singleness, evangelism, courage, motherhood, business, secularism, money, and the historical accuracy of the Bible, there’s something for every member of your family. Check out the full list on The Wandering Bookseller: https://wanderingbookseller.com.au/collections/kec  

5. Reflect, pray and process what you learned at KEC 23 

You may have left KEC on a spiritual high but found yourself quickly buried by the demands and pressures of life back at home. Why not commit to having some quiet time with God—reflecting, praying and processing what you learned with these guided questions:  

1. What is one verse that stood out or resonated with you? 

2. What is one thing God is showing your through His Word? Did you learn anything new? 

3. What is one thing you can apply to your daily life? Or is there a habit or attitude you need to change? 

4. What do you want to tell God as a result of what you have heard? Or is there one person you want to share that with who can walk with you in this step of faith? 


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