7 Talk Titles Confirmed for Oxygen Conference

We are pleased to give you a sneak peek of the 7 talks confirmed for the Oxygen conference retreat this August.  

Oxygen conference for ministry leaders and workers is returning this August to refresh delegates in their zeal for God and the work that He has called them to do. This year, Oxygen will return as a 4-day conference retreat in the beautiful Blue Mountains. A line-up of guest speakers including Paul Tripp and Zack Eswine will speak on the topic, “Reshaping Our Hearts for the Work We Do”.  

We are pleased to give you a preview of the talk titles confirmed for the weekend:  

‘A Ministry Leader’s Heart’ by Paul Tripp 

  1. The Heart of a Ministry Leader (Ezekiel 14:1-8) 
  1. The Ultimate Ministry Leadership Model (Isaiah 42:4, Matthew. 12:20) 
  1. Ministry Leadership and Spiritual Warfare (1 Peter 5:6-11)

‘Wisdom’ by Zack Eswine 

  1. Wisdom Practices for a Minister’s Life (Psalm 111:10) 
  1. Practicing the Beginnings of Wisdom for your own life (Psalm 34:11; 86:11) 
  1. Practicing the Consolations of Wisdom for the people you serve (Psalm 25:12, 14) 
  1. Practicing the Global Breadth of Wisdom for the generation you inhabit (Psalm 33:8) 

Check your heart for ministry at Oxygen

The Bible tells us that the heart is the centre of our being, and that everything in our lives, including our ministry, flows from it. Christian ministry comes with unique pressures, and while we may start off with a love for God and the gospel, over time, our hearts may become reduced into something less than what God wants it to be. 

This is why at Oxygen, ministry workers will be invited to slow down for a heart check. Through refreshing talks, practical workshops, and dedicated recreation and reflection time, ministry workers will be empowered and encouraged to continue labouring with hearts of Christ-like love, humility and faith.  

At Oxygen you can expect:  

  • A quiet, focused space to hear God speak 
  • Rich fellowship with ministry workers around the world 
  • Practical content to shape and guide your ministry  
  • Time for recreation, reflection and rest  

For more information about the speakers, program and tickets, visit our website: https://oxygenconference.com/  


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