“High-Calibre Preaching by Women, to Women”: Becky’s OneLove Testimony

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In this OneLove testimony, Becky shares how OneLove conference blessed her in a season where she is growing in faith and dependence on God. She shares her conference highlights, sermon takeaways, and why other women should consider joining her to hear “high-calibre preaching by women, to women” at OneLove 2024!

Becky (left) with her friends at OneLove 23 Conference  

1. How many times have you attended OneLove, what made you attend this year?  

This year was my second time attending OneLove. I came this year because a friend from regional NSW was keen to be encouraged by some quality Bible preaching. She travelled all the way to Sydney with her beautiful baby girl, and invited a couple of friends along, so we could be mutually encouraged and catch up for the day.  

2. What was a highlight of this year’s conference?  
I had no idea what the topic, or who Jackie Hill Perry was, walking in! Yet within minutes, I was captivated by how she could show us God’s Word in an authentic, gospel-centred, yet absolutely refreshing way. Drawing out the point – that we don’t just see God, but we, the undeserving sinners, are seen by God – was biblical, but so different to how Genesis 16 is usually preached.  

3. What was something that struck you about the talks?  

The idea that the all-powerful, holy God who no one could look upon and live, not Moses, Solomon, or David, let Hagar see Him. That Hagar, the Gentile slave woman, sees God and is seen by God. 

4. Why should women attend OneLove in the future? 

I’m the sort of person who cringes every time there’s a church “women’s event” because I assume there will be some sort of baking activity; hearing from one of the “token women Bible passages”; being expected to be touchy-feely because we’re women; and talk to a million strangers. 

OneLove is not that sort of conference. 

OneLove offers high-calibre preaching by women, to women. There is authentic acknowledgement of the challenges of the lived experience of being women, but the focus is always on gospel-centred truths. It’s intentionally curated to encourage women of all backgrounds and all life and faith stages. 

So, if you are a woman who is keen to grow in your faith, and to be encouraged alongside 1000+ sisters in Christ, OneLove is for you. 

OneLove 24 Registrations Opens This Friday!  

OneLove is a one-day event for all women to gather under life-changing preaching and enjoy fantastic fellowship. Whether you have been a Christian for many years or are still seeking answers about God, join us and be encouraged, refreshed and renewed for the journey ahead. 

Tickets will go on sale at 9:30am this Friday 8th December from the OneLove website: https://onelovewomen.com/ 

OneLove 23 Highlights

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