Jackie Hill Perry’s OneLove Talks Now Exclusively Available on KCC One

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Jackie Hill Perry’s OneLove 21 talks are now exclusively available on the KCC One App in text, audio and video formats. 
At OneLove women’s conference last year, international speaker, author, and Hip-Hop Artist, Jackie Hill Perry joined the KCC platform to speak on the topic ‘Made for More: Created for Holiness.’  

In her opening talk ‘The Holiness of God Jackie invited delegates to describe God’s nature, and to consider why ‘holy’ is an unpopular word. She claimed that while many of us are comfortable with the fact that God is loving or kind, we are uncomfortable with God’s holiness and judgment—traits which are seemingly at odd with His good nature.  
For this reason, Jackie turned to Isaiah 6:1-7 to show women the true meaning of holiness, why it is beautiful, and how it makes God a consistent and unfailing source of hope of humankind:  

“If God is holy, that means He cannot sin. If God cannot sin, that means He cannot sin against you. If God cannot sin against you, doesn’t that make Him the most trustworthy being that exists?”  

In her second talk, ‘The Unholiness of Idols’, Jackie challenged delegates to consider the unholiness of idolatry by comparing the characteristics of idols against those of a holy God. In doing so, she showed us the foolishness of putting our full trust in anyone or anything that is limited and destructible. Because God is holy, only He who cannot sin is worthy of our full devotion and worship:  

“…it is good news that your idols can be destroyed. And that your God is indestructible.”

The OneLove 21 talks are now exclusively available on the KCC One App in text, audio, and video formats.  

‘The Holiness of God’ by Jackie Hill Perry (OneLove 21) | Read | Listen | Watch 

‘The Unholiness of Idols’ by Jackie Hill Perry (OneLove 21) | Read | Listen | Watch 

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