Sow For More: An Investment Into Future Generations Under Christ

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Sowing into the ministry of KCC is an investment of a different kind. It is an investment that returns so much more, not only for the life of the ministry, but for you, your family, and for future generations under Christ. ​

The Way Things Were: Cassette Tapes and CD’s

40 years ago, KCC received helpful income from selling copies of the convention talks through cassette tapes and CD’s. Delegates could get them hot off the duplicator an hour after convention or posted out as gifts to friends and family.  

Providing this service was a great way to extend the impact of the ministry and generate income for us, but when iTunes, free content and video-on-our-phones came along, that part of our ministry all but disappeared.  

Looking Forward: KCC One Mobile App 

So, in April 2020, we got to work and launched our new app, KCC One, our 21st century version of a “cassette tape ministry”. We purpose-built an app that could be accessed by smart phones, tablets, and notebooks, and filled it with over 1,800 convention talks and resources that you can watch, listen to, or read. KCC One also provides delegates with timely event information and seamless ‘Donation’ functions.  

This is just the start.  

We have so much more planned for this app, and hope to update it with even more features and content so that God’s word can be immediately available to more people, in more places, at more than just event times.  

An Invitation to ‘Sow for More’ into the KCC App Library Fund 

This June, we are inviting you to sow into the KCC One App Library Fund with a tax-deductible gift. By joining us in building KCC One, you will ensure that we: Continue to capture and create high-quality, biblical content for the library;  Launch and build features of the library that make the app as user-friendly and beneficial as possible (and that users have asked for!); Carry on sharing thousands of resources from our sermon library for free; and Launch a low monthly subscription plan offering the latest from conventions and brand-new, exclusive content created just for KCC One – all aimed at deepening your Christian life.  It is our prayer that in return, KCC will be able to share its resources with many more who need it, strengthening them to stand firm in their walk with God, and sustaining them with His Word for generations to come. 
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