Meet KCC’s Volunteer Army: Viana

Katoomba Christian Convention events run and rely on the power of volunteers—our incredible KCC Army—who work cheerfully and tirelessly to serve our delegates. From our convention committee members to event ushers, children’s workers and AV team, our volunteers play a vital role in facilitating God’s word preached from the platform. 

As part of National Volunteer Week in Australia, we will be spotlighting some of our volunteers who serve behind-the-scenes to make our events possible. In our first interview, OneLove committee member, Viana, shares the joys and highlights of her role and how she has seen God at work in the past 8 years at OneLove.  

When did your journey with OneLove begin, and how has the ministry impacted your life?  

I started my journey with OneLove in 2016, so this is my 8th year being part it. The OneLove women’s conference has opened my eyes, ears and heart up to a world of women of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. There is so much joy in seeing women from all over NSW come together to worship and praise our Lord.  

How long have you been volunteering with OneLove? Can you tell everyone what your role looks like?  

This is my 8th year of volunteering with OneLove as a committee member, and been a part of a group of women who have been an encouragement to my faith. My role has largely been in the creative space, designing the look and feel of the event. Months and months of planning go into every aspect of OneLove, from the decoration you see when you first walk in, to the gifts in the goodie bag, to the elements of the program. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside the team to design and plan these elements so that OneLove is an encouragement and transformative conference for all women.  

Can you share a highlight of your volunteering experience?  

It has to be time right before the conference begins and also at the conclusion of the conference. I say right before because there is always this electrifying energy from the team preparing, praying, setting up for a wonderful day ahead, and every year I get the same giddy feeling that God is going to work powerfully through OneLove!  

I also say at the conclusion of the conference, because that is when I am always in awe of how God has opened my eyes, along with the rest of the women, to just how magnificent He is. I love to close my eyes whilst singing, just to bask in the beautiful echoes of praise sung by thousands of women after hearing the word of God powerfully preached. It makes the months of volunteering and preparing for the conference all worth it! 

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