Meet Onward Youth Speaker: Dave Jensen 

We are pleased to announce that Dave Jensen will be speaking at Onward Youth this June. 

Hosted by Katoomba Christian Convention, Onward Youth is an event helping high schoolers make sense of the culture and world around them with a gospel lens and equips them to stand firm for their faith.    

In 2023, Onward Youth will explore the theme, “True and Good – Can Christianity Be Both?” If following Jesus is a ‘good’ thing, why does life sometimes feel uncomfortable, lonely, hard and limiting? If I struggle with these things, how can I trust that the way of Jesus is not only true, but also for my good?   

We are pleased to announce that Dave Jensen will join the Onward Youth platform to address these important questions. Dave works as a pastor at EV Church on the Central Coast of NSW. Prior to working in ministry, he was in the Australian Army for the best part of a decade which is where someone told him the truth about Jesus, and he became a Christian. Dave is married to Sammy, and they have 4 young sons. He loves telling people about Jesus, El Jannah BBQ chicken and the Sydney Roosters. 

Get a taste of Dave’s teaching here:   

Interview: Karl Faase interviews Dave Jensen for Faith Runs Deep 

In this interview with Karl Faase, Dave shares his testimony of how he became a father at 17 years old and lived a turbulent and destructive life for many years. He shares how Jesus broke into his heart in a remarkable way and turned Dave’s path right around.  

YouTube video

Sermon: Is God Unjust? 

Why do we suffer? Is suffering an evidence of punishment, that God is not good, or is there something else going on in the universe? In this sermon at EV Church, Dave answers these important questions from the book of Job 9.  

YouTube video

Sermon: God Is In The Thick Of It

Where is God in the pain? Does he care, or has he turned his back? In this sermon at MBM Church, Dave turns to Romans 8:28-30 to tackle these tough questions.

YouTube video

Hear Dave speak at Onward!

Onward Youth is returning Friday 23 June, 6:30-9:30pm. Choose to join us in-person at the ‘The Concourse’ in Chatswood, or via an Online Livestream at a convenient location of your choice! Either way, it will be a wonderful evening of encouragement and fellowship with youth across the country! Tickets are available for $31pp with discounted online tickets available for those outside the Sydney Metro area. For more information, visit our website:

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