Meet KYCK 22 Graduate: Stephanie 

In this interview, Stephanie from Crossroads Christian Church shares how attending KYCK conference transformed her life and empowered her faith. She also shares why teenagers should prioritise attending KYCK in their formative high-school years. 

KYCK 22 Graduate: Stephanie
  1. How many KYCKs have you attended? 

I attended KYCK from 2017 to 2022, so for all my high school years except for when it was canceled for COVID.  

  1. What was a highlight from KYCK? 

My favourite highlight from KYCK were the small group discussions my year group had in 2022. We were all more mature and able to have deep conversations with each other about Jesus that were very interesting. 

  1. How did KYCK encourage your faith? 

KYCK encouraged me in my faith to go out into the world and spread all my newfound knowledge I had learned with other Christians as well as unbelievers.  

  1. Why would you recommend KYCK to others? 

I would recommend KYCK to others because of the overwhelming feeling you get when you are with so many people your age that have the same love for Jesus. It’s very euphoric and emotional, an experience you don’t often get the chance to take part in regularly. 

  1. How has being a Christian changed your life? 

Being a Christian has turned my life on its head. In a generation that is very self-focused, you don’t often meet people who aren’t all about the “self-love” lifestyle. Knowing that I don’t deserve to be loved, and that I don’t deserve to be saved, but Jesus saves us because he loves us so much, is amazing! I now judge myself and others less because that is God’s job—a truth which gives me so much peace, and one that I hope everyone in the world to have. 

Your Invitation to “Meet Jesus” at KYCK 23  

Hosted by Katoomba Christian Convention, KYCK is a conference that challenges and equips high schoolers to boldly live the Christian life. Each year, close to 6,000 delegates gather at StayKCC in the Blue Mountains to hear and respond to God’s word.

At KYCK 23, we are inviting you to “Meet Jesus” in Mark’s Gospel through powerful preaching, inspiring testimonies, worship in song and fun activities. Whether you are already Christian or still exploring the faith, there will be ample opportunities to deepen your understanding of who Jesus is and respond to the call to follow him. Check out the program here.  
KYCK 23 will return over the following four weekends during the school holidays:    

  • Weekend 1: 14-16 April
  • Weekend 2 & Online: 21-23 April
  • Weekend 3: 28-30 April
  • Weekend 4: 22-24 September     

Registration and on-site accommodation bookings are currently open. Tickets are available until they are sold out, so book now to secure your preferred weekend!  
Visit our website for more information:     

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