Meet Onward 23 Speaker: Alan Au 

We are pleased to announce that Alan Au will be speaking at Onward Youth this June. 

Hosted by Katoomba Christian Convention, Onward Youth is an event helping high schoolers make sense of the culture and world around them with a gospel lens and equips them to stand firm for their faith.   

In 2023, Onward Youth will explore the theme, “True and Good – Can Christianity Be Both?” If following Jesus is a ‘good’ thing, why does life sometimes feel uncomfortable, lonely, hard and limiting? If I struggle with these things, how can I trust that the way of Jesus is not only true, but also for my good?  

We are pleased to announce that Alan Au will be joining the Onward platform to address these questions and to unpack the tension of truth and goodness, and whether Christianity can be both.  

Alan has been leading Captivate Presbyterian Church in North Ryde for the last 6 years. He’s married to Beatrice, and they have three crazy kids. He dabbles in baking and Brazilian ju jitsu. He thinks that cheese Twisties are the bomb and chicken Twisties are an abomination. 

Alan spent most of his high school years wondering whether God’s love for him is true and has spent the rest of his life working out how to live out God’s love.  

Get a taste of his teaching here:  

‘The Search for HAPPY’ by Alan Au 

In this sermon series, Alan helps us to question how the “pursuit of happy” drives our decisions and pursuits, and whether this should be the meaning of life. He shows us the potential problems of making happiness our ultimate pursuit and contrasts it with God’s call for Christians to seek treasures in heaven and peace in Christ.  

YouTube video
What makes you truly happy? This was the first of 3 talks on our search for ‘happy’.
YouTube video
How can we be truly happy in an unhappy world? This was the second of 3 talks on our search for ‘happy’.
YouTube video
Will you pursue true happiness above all else? This was the final of 3 talks on our search for ‘happy’.

Hear Alan speak at Onward 23!  

Onward Youth is returning Friday 23 June, 6:30-9:30pm at ‘The Concourse’ in Chatswood.  

For more information on the event, speakers, and ticket options please visit our website:  

Onward 23 – True & Good – Can Christianity Be Both?

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