Over 2,300 Emboldened with a ‘Rock Solid’ Faith at Katoomba Easter Convention  

We praise God that over the Easter long weekend, over 2,300 adults, youth and children gathered at Katoomba Easter Convention (KEC) to be empowered by God’s word. Through powerful Bible talks, inspiring testimonies and uplifting worship in song, delegates were refreshed with compelling and respected reasons to trust God’s word in a world of confusion.  

Since 1962, KEC has become a family tradition for many—a cherished space for people of all cultures, generations and denominations to gather as ‘one in Christ Jesus’, to hear and respond to God’s word.   

This year, over 1700 delegates joined the Adult Program to hear from a wide range of international and local speakers. Through expository preaching, topical talks and inspiring testimonies, KEC speakers encouraged delegates to see God’s word as a ‘Rock Solid’ source of truth, goodness and beauty.  

Program highlights included Ed Stetzer’s “God Has Spoken” expository talks from the Psalms, Dan Paterson’s “Living Out the Truth in a World of Confusion” expository talks from the Gospels, Sam Chan’s “The Plausibility of Believing” short talks from the book of John, and Sarah Irving-Stonebraker’s personal testimony “How Oxford and Peter Singer led an Atheist Historian to Jesus”.  

“Each speaker had an impact. Listening to Dan speak about his suffering and Sarah about her walk from atheism into Christianity was very encouraging.”

“All of the speakers were amazing. Ed, Sam and Dan all had different styles of preaching which was super refreshing each time they came up to speak.”

“I loved Dan Peterson’s talks illustrating the gospel and Jesus’ death and resurrection. The whole convention showed me how much God loves me and convicted me that I need to spend more time with Him.”

While adults enjoyed rich teaching and fellowship in the main session, over 580 children and youth were served by one of eight programs, ranging from Tiny Tots (up to 12 months) to Senior High (Year 10-12). Quiz Worx served the Primary Program with puppetry, music and stories while Tim Edwards taught Junior High, and Aaron Smith in Senior High. Powered by over 170 volunteers, KEC’s age-specific programs gives every family member an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel each Easter: 

“I’d spent well over a decade having the Bible well-taught at KEC by people who loved Jesus. I’m thankful that the leaders in the Kid’s Programs and speakers for the adults never shied away from the fact that life can be hard, but God and his word are true and unchanging, and that he is worth following.”

“My last year in the senior high program proved to me how special KEC is, particularly the incredible encouragement from those within my discussion group. It really prompted me to think deeply every day and to praise God for the amazing opportunities we have.”

While we live in a world of confusion and scepticism towards the Bible, it is our hope that KEC has given delegates a renewed confidence that the Bible is true and trustworthy, beautiful and good. It is our prayer that the church will have a ‘Rock Solid’ faith in God’s word, holding out the Bible as a treasured possession and worthy of wholehearted, joyful submission.  

Did God speak to you at KEC? Share your story with us here!  

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