Sneak Peek of Talk Series for Easter Convention 

With only 4 weekends left until Katoomba Easter Convention (KEC), our team has been busy finalising the program for the Easter long weekend.  

This year, keynote speakers John North, Tim Blencowe and Matt Sparks will be joining the adult program to speak on the theme “Conquering Worldliness: Resisting the Gravitational Pull of the World”. Here’s a preview of each of their talk series:  

A Biblical Worldview of Worldliness by John North 

In this four-part series of talks John North will be leading us in shaping up a Biblical view of “worldliness”: what the Bible says it actually is; how it affects our thinking, our affections and behaviour; how we can adopt it into our lives without even realising; what God help has given us to resist its pull; and how God wants us to engage with the world we live in, in holiness, and not withdraw from it. 

Jesus Christ Our Greater Treasure by Tim Blencowe 

In this set of four short-talks, Tim Blencowe will be encouraging us from four ‘landmark’ texts for the Christian life. These passages remind us of God’s call on us to love Him, follow Him, live for Him and look for His return, with everything we have. They remind us that while the world has its attractions, distractions and temptations for us, Jesus Christ is our Greater Treasure and it is on Him we need to set our hearts. 

A Beautiful Resistance by Matt Sparks 

In the evening sessions Matt Sparks will be leading us through three areas of life where we may especially be facing the battle against worldliness. Twenty-first century Australian culture shapes us in many ways, but where especially do we need to be resisting the ‘gravitational pull’ of the world? What habits and practices should we be establishing as Christians to help us do that and keep in step with the Holy Spirit? 

There’s still time to grab your KEC tickets! 

This Easter long weekend, we invite you to enjoy mornings being refreshed with Bible talks, Christian testimonies and worship; spend afternoons relaxing with friends and family before settling in for more in the evening sessions together. With age-specific programs for everyone from toddlers to grandparents, KEC is a once-in-a-year opportunity to retreat into the beautiful Blue Mountains to grow together as a family.  

“I have attended KEC for the last few years since becoming a Christian and can honestly say it is the best weekend of the year. Seeing so many people of different ages come together to worship and to learn (was so encouraging). The talks were all just incredible and I can’t wait to listen to them all again on the KEC+ app.” – Jordan, KEC23 Attendee 

Tickets are still available from our website:  

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