The Cost & Privilege of Following Jesus by Jenny Salt 

In this two-part series from Women’s Katoomba Convention 2006 (now ‘OneLove’), Jenny Salt unpacks what Matthew 8 and 9 reveals of Jesus’s true identity, and how this may challenge our personal perceptions.  

In this talk from Matthew 8, Jenny shares how Jesus has full control and authority over the physical and spiritual world, and that the invitation to “follow him” is both a cost and a privilege. She then invites us to consider whether we are really following Jesus in submission to his good and powerful authority.  

Key Quotes: 

“Jesus describes his own lack of earthly security, and the implication is that a follower of Jesus should expect the same.”  

“The one we follow walked a path to glory, but it was a path that first involved suffering, and for Jesus, it took him to the cross.” 

“If we take our eyes off Jesus, we can fall into the trap of thinking that life is too hard. Don’t underestimate the cost, but don’t underestimate the privilege.”  

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