5 Reasons to Make Katoomba Easter Convention A Family Tradition 

Family traditions are experiences, activities, attitudes, or ideals that are passed down across generations. Whether you’re gathering to decorate a Christmas tree, wrap dumplings, or to celebrate a meaningful holiday by the sea, family traditions are important for establishing foundational values and moments of deep bonding.  

Since 1962, Katoomba Easter Convention (KEC) has become a family tradition for many—a cherished space for people of all cultures, generations and denominations to gather as ‘one in Christ Jesus’, to hear and respond to God’s word.  

5 reasons to make KEC a family tradition this Easter:  

  1. Model to your family the significance of Easter  

For the Christian, Easter is a significant time of remembering the death and resurrection of Christ and how it applies to everyday life. Attending KEC can be a big sacrifice of time, money and resources, but by prioritising spiritual growth, we communicate to our families that Easter is more than a long weekend of chocolate eggs and bunnies.  

“KEC has been great for my family to get away from the challenges and distractions of life to spend time reflecting on God. KEC is a great reminder that Easter isn’t about chocolate or holidays, rather it is a time to reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection and how that should shape our daily lives.”

Verity Hall, KEC Delegate and Volunteer 
  1. Start each year deeply rooted in God’s word  

At KEC, hearing and responding to God’s word is the priority. At a time where we and our children are bombarded by competing messages, values and ideals, it is important to start the year well, rooted in God’s word. Each year, KEC invites gifted Bible teachers to preach on relevant topics. In 2023, main speakers Ed Stetzer and Dan Paterson, and special guests Malcolm Gill, Sam Chan and Jonathan Dykes will speak on the topic “Rock Solid: Trusting God’s Word in a World of Confusion”. In a world of scepticism and confusion, KEC will empower your family to believe that the Bible is true, trustworthy and inspired by a good and gracious God.  

“Through the Kid’s program, I was annually fed with engaging and solid Bible teaching, which allowed me to thank Jesus for what he has done in every stage of life. KEC has been a major influence in the way I know Jesus and express my faith today.”  

Anna Kreicers, KEC Delegate and Volunteer 
  1. A commitment to annual Sabbath rest as a family  

    What if the Easter long weekend could become a time of regular Sabbath rest for your family?  

    Attending KEC may take some effort but once you arrive, you will be invited to rest in God’s word in the beautiful Blue Mountains. Drop off your little ones at our children’s programs and enjoy mornings being refreshed by Bible talks, inspiring testimonies, and uplifting worship in song. Spend afternoons relaxing with friends and family, surrounded by golden Autumn hues. Swap out screen time for meaning conversation and prayer in crisp mountain air. Away from the interruptions and distractions of city life, KEC is a space for your family to deeply consider what it means to love and live for Jesus.  

    “I love watching the dedicated Toddler team in action. Young Adult leaders who volunteer their Easter break to lovingly care for little ones so that their parents can benefit from undisturbed bible teaching in the auditorium. That is Christian community in action.”  

    John & Jenny, KEC Delegates and Volunteers  
    1. Expand your family’s view of God’s world and the global church 

    Attending KEC will show your family that God’s world is much bigger than the four walls of the local church, and that He is working powerfully across our country and world. At a time when being a Christian can feel lonely or isolating, KEC is a powerful reminder that we belong to a bigger spiritual family, and for life-long friendships to be formed. By highlighting stories of the persecuted and vulnerable, delegates are given the opportunity to consider how they can be part of God’s mission too.  

    “Over the years we have seen children grow into adults with children and seen God working in people’s lives. As a volunteer I have met in person, many different godly people from Australia and all the over the world.”  

    Gordon, KEC Delegate and Volunteer 
    1. Inspire your family into a lifetime of faithful gospel service  

    KEC relies on the power of volunteers—from our children’s program leaders to our ushers on the day, each volunteer helps to facilitate God’s Word preached from the platform. This volunteer model has impacted many delegates and created a strong culture of gospel generosity and sacrifice. We thank God that over six decades, we have witnessed delegates flourishing into men and women of faith—serving their local churches and KCC events as staff, committee members and volunteers!  

    “We first started volunteering after our children were all in high school. We were so grateful for the volunteers that had looked after them that we decided to give some time and energy ourselves. We really enjoy being part of a team committed to serving their brothers and sisters, and we’ve formed great friendships as a result.”  

    Ross & Karen, KEC Delegates and Volunteers

    Go Together. Grow Together.

    Are you ready to make KEC a family tradition this Easter?  

    Dates: 7-10th April 2023  
    Place: StayKCC, Katoomba   
    Theme: Rock Solid: Trusting God in a World of Confusion   
    Main Speakers: Ed Stetzer (Wheaton College Billy Graham Center) and Dan Paterson (Questioning Christianity)  
    For more information on ticket types, pricing, family packages and children’s programs visit our website: https://easterconvention.com/   

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